Producing, Artworking & Promoting Hellas Filmbox Berlin

For me, Hellas Filmbox was a conceptual art project from the beginning. I didn’t want to create a „normal film festival“, but an „undogmatic communication model“ that went beyond itself. An institution that smells of creativity and freedom. That’s certainly something that only existed in my head at first, but with every festival I tried getting closer and closer to it, especially with the third festival at the Urban Spree Gallery in January 2018.
Now that we – by which I mean Sandra von Ruffin, Ina and myself – are putting the festival into the hands of Sofia Stavrianidou and Elisa Deftos, I have summarized and visualized the artistic-political concept of the four festivals (2016-2019) at which I was the creative director. The artwork we developed and the related marketing reveal the energy we wanted to express.
Together with Sandra, Ina, Achilleas Gatsopoulos, Dom Quichotte and many others, as well as with the wonderful support of peppermint and Gero Angreß, we created a highly individual, „berlinesque” appearance, artistic and unusual at the same time.
Thank you all for the fantastic cooperation! We have created something crazy, unexpected and very beautiful together.

Asteris Kutulas, Founder & Creative Director Hellas Filmbox Berlin (2016-19)

Festival Poster 2016

Hard Facts 2016-19

  • 300 screenings with approx. 230 films
  • 65 of which translated into German
  • road shows with 30 films in 15 German cities
  • more than 150 Greek directors present at the festival
  • over 15.000 spectators
  • more than 200 German and international filmmakers, artists and professionals present at the festival

Festival Trailer 2019 

Festival Poster 2018

Film Trailer 2019

Press Quotes

  • „The small Greek Berlinale “ (Zeit online)
  • „…contemporary, daring and creative cinema, as rarely seen before…“ (Goethe Institut)
  • „Look towards Greece! A group of artists are trying to save the image of a nation through art-house cinema.“ (Stern)
  • „Contemporary Greek cinema and its insights into the situation of this land.“ (Tagesspiegel)
  • „The most heartfelt film festival in Berlin!“ (Jüdische Zeitung)
Vorbericht in der BILD über das zweite Filmfestival im Januar 2017
Press & Media Impact 2016-19
  • over 800 articles in the press from Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Russia, Belgium, France and Australia
  • more than 26 million media contacts
  • reviews in the most influential media in Germany: ZEIT, STERN, BILD, BUNTE, BZ, TAZ, GALA, FAZ, Deutsche Welle, RBB Berlin, Sat1 etc. as well as in the leading media in Greece
  • the website of Hellas Filmbox had 2.500 visitors per day in the month ofJanuary 2018
  • the Facebook page of Hellas Filmbox had 332.600 visits, 79.200 interactions, 46.400 video views in the month of January 2018

Box Talk with Oscar winner Volker Schlöndorff & Yannis Sakaridis

Festival Trailer 2018

Festival Poster 2017

Costa-Gavras 2017

Side Events

Special Screenings


About Hellas Filmbox

  • was established in 2016 to highlight the current, highly artistic Greek film scene and present it to the German audience
  • gives an insight into Greece’s current situation, its people, inner conflicts and secrets
  • takes the German audience on a unique journey into the human soul through the eyes of Greek filmmakers
  • believes in films as an alternate way of thinking and seeing Greece
  • creates a constructive artistic dialogue between Greece and Germany by highlighting the current emotional and political cracks between the two

The Message 2016: „The Greeks come!“

The Directors & Artists

Guests & Contributors: More than 350 filmmakers, artists and professionals from Greece, Germany, Turkey, the United States, France, etc. participating in …

  • Screenings
  • Panels
  • Exhibitions
  • Workshops
  • Theater productions
  • Concerts
  • Open Discussions etc.

Festival Poster 2018

The Festivals from 2016 to 2019

The first festival – the SOUTH: loud, radiant, hot, with nude art, overcrowded, like the firstholidays in Greece.

The second festival – the WEST: structured, progressive, international, masculine & feminine, with Oscar winnerCosta-Gavras, with Ulrich Tukur, Rolf Hochhut, Dani Levi and manyothers.

The third festival – the EAST: horny, dirty, honest, with a lot ofheart, with a different focus andlocation, in the Urban Spree – a street art gallery on the „naughty“ neighbourhood of Friedrichshain.

The fourth festival – the NORTH: more reserved, calm, thoughtful, influenced by the numerousexperiences of the previousfestivals. Different again! No walls! More geil! 30 years after the fall of the Berlin wall.

„No walls! More geil“ – Festival Poster series 2019

Artist’s Corner 2018

Hellas Filmbox: A Greek-German Affair

The Artworkers

Creative Director: Asteris Kutulas // Art Director: Achilleas Gatsopoulos // Photography: DomQuichotte & Achilleas Gatsopoulos // Creative: Ina Kutulas, Sandra von Ruffin, DomQuichotte // Body Painting: Johny Dar // Costumes: Heike Hartmann, Annabell Johannes, Ina Kutulas // Models/Actors: Sandra von Ruffin, Annabell Johannes, Friedrich Liechtenstein, Ioanna Kryona, Dimitris Argyriou

Für mich war Hellas Filmbox von Anfang an ein Konzeptkunst-Projekt. Ich wollte kein „normales Filmfestival“ kreieren, sondern ein über sich hinaus weisendes „undogmatisches Kommunikationsmodell“. Eine Institution, die nach Kreativität und Freiheit riecht. Das ist sicherlich etwas, das nur in meinem Kopf existierte, aber ich habe versucht – vor allem mit dem dritten Festival (2018) in der Urban Spree Galerie -, mich dem sehr anzunähern.
Jetzt, da wir – damit meine ich Sandra von Ruffin, Ina und mich – das Festival in die Hände von Sofia Stavrianidou und Elisa Deftos legen, habe ich das künstlerisch-politische Konzept der ersten vier Festivals (2016-2019), bei denen ich auch Creative Director war, in einer Visualisierung zusammengefasst. Dieses von uns entwickelte Artwork und das dazugehörige Marketing offenbaren die Energie, auf die es uns ankam. Zusammen mit den Artworkern Sandra, Ina, Achilleas Gatsopoulos, DomQuichotte und zusammen mit vielen anderen sowie der wunderbaren Unterstützung von peppermint und Gero Angreß haben wir ein sehr eigenes, „berlinerisches“ und gleichzeitig sehr künstlerisches und ungewöhnliches Erscheinungsbild von Hellas Filmbox kreiert.  
Ich danke Euch allen für die phantastische Zusammenarbeit! Wir haben gemeinsam etwas Verrücktes, Überraschendes und sehr Schönes erschaffen.

Asteris Kutulas
Founder & Creative Director Hellas Filmbox Berlin