Mikis Theodorakis Asteris Kutulas

Mikis Theodorakis 95 Happening, July 2020

Mikis Theodorakis 95 Happening

with Otto Sauter, Johanna Krumin, Istvan Denes & Asteris Kutulas

For Mikis Theodorakis‘ 95th birthday Otto Sauter (trumpeter, GER), Johanna Krumin (soprano, GER) and Istvan Dénés (conductor, pianist, HU) came to Athens two days before, for a happening of his long-time friend and collaborator, the director & author Asteris Kutulas (Berlin), to congratulate the Greek composer in a very special way.

In Mikis Theodorakis‘ studio above his apartment in Athens – with an outstanding view of the Acropolis – they performed lyrical works for trumpet, soprano and piano, filmed them for Mikis Theodorakis and a worldwide release: The Aria of Medea from Theodorakis‘ opera „Medea“, two movements from his concerto for trumpet, which he had written for Otto Sauter, and the melody that made Mikis immortal: Zorba

Location: House of Mikis Theodorakis, studio and his veranda overlooking the Acropolis and Parthenon. This is where most of his operas and many symphonic works were written.

Mikis Theodorakis himself could not be present because of the Corona Pandemic, but heard the musical birthday greeting through the open window under his studio.

Johanna Krumin:
„Mikis wants to reach people, not be liked by them. This makes him free, as only few artists are really free: because the purpose of art cannot be to serve life, but only to serve the stars that shine above it. Chronia polla, dear Mikis.“

Istvan Dénés:
„The history of the Greek and Hungarian people is marked by constant struggles for freedom. For me as a Hungarian musician, Mikis Theodorakis is the symbol of freedom.“

Otto Sauter:
„Wherever I perform the trumpet concerto by Mikis Theodorakis in the world with symphony orchestra, the audience is moved and fascinated. To be able to play it at his home for his 95th birthday, with piano accompaniment only for him, is not only a gift from me to him, but also a gift for me!“

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Mikis Theodorakis 95 Happening, July 2020
Otto Sauter (trumpet)
Johanna Krumin (soprano)
Istvan Denes (piano)
Asteris Kutulas (artistic director)

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Video production

Music by Mikis Theodorakis, sung by Johanna Krumin & played by Otto Sauter (trumpet) & Istvan Denes (piano)
Directed by Asteris Kutulas
DOP Ludwig Wager
Cameras Vassilis Dimitriadis, Dionissia Kopana, Sabine Kierdorf
Sound Klaus Salge & Vassilis Dimitriadis
Editing Nikos Arapoglou
Production Asteris Kutulas, Vassilis Dimitriadis, Klaus Salge
Concept by Asteris Kutulas

Many thanks to Mikis Theodorakis, Rena Parmenidou, Yannis Sakaridis, Sabine Kierdorf, Ina Kutulas, Dionissia Kopana, Penny Laga & MEGA TV

Mikis Theodorakis Acropolis view with Asteris Kutulas
Acropolis view from the apartment of Mikis Theodorakis in Athens (Photo © by Asteris Kutulas)